Schools and teachers

Plan your school visit

School visits to the Sursock Museum are free. Visits need to be booked two weeks in advance by calling +961 1 202 001 or emailing

When you book a visit, please inform us of any specific access requirements your students may have so that we can accommodate their needs accordingly.

Please note that teachers are responsible for students’ behavior and safety at all times. The Sursock Museum cannot assume the formal duty of care on behalf of teachers.

If you have any questions or require more information, please send an email to

Resources for Teachers

Coming soon.

In collaboration with artists and educators, we have developed short and accessible activities designed for students, to be completed at the Museum. They relate to our collection and exhibitions, as well as to visual arts and culture in general.

We encourage you to download and print these resources, and bring them along on your visit to the Museum. You only need a pencil to complete them!

If you have any questions about how to incorporate an activity into your visit, please contact

Teacher Training

Coming soon.

Taking place over the weekend or in the evening, our teachers’ program offers educators the opportunity to work with artists and museum staff to explore different ways of engaging with art and the museum. The teachers’ program also offers short intensive training modules over the summer and school holidays to help you deepen your understanding of art practice and develop and experiment with different tools and resources for teaching art in the classroom.

Please check back for upcoming training dates.

Artist-run workshops

Coming soon.

We offer artist-run workshops to help students gain a deeper understanding of art and art practices. These workshops are limited to 20 students at any one time, so group bookings must be made at least four weeks in advance. Workshops take place in various spaces in the Museum, where students can explore artworks alongside their peers and teachers. Upcoming workshops are listed on this page.

For more information, please call +961 1 202 001 or email