Fleeting Exits


Fleeting Exits

With works by Ryan Gander, Rebecca Horn, Laure Prouvost, and Lindsay Seers | Curated by Marwan T. Assaf
13 July, 2018 to 8 October, 2018
Twin Galleries, Level -2
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    Rebecca Horn
    Mr. and Mrs. Brown
    Wooden shoe trees, brass, and steel box with electric motor
    approximately 125 cm high
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    Installation view of Laure Prouvost's "Metal Woman, Welcome, Deep Travel Ink. NYC" (2018)
    HD video, metal sculpture, painted wood dust, and resin
    234 × 81.5 × 35.5 cm
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    Installation view of Ryan Gander's "Forces outside of you (Because you cede your life decisions and consequences to forces outside of you)" (2017)
    Acrylic, LED panels
    255 × 85 × 119 cm
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    Installation view of Rebecca Horn's "Mr. and Mrs. Brown" (1990)
    Wooden shoe trees, brass, and steel box with electric motor
    approximately 125 cm high
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    Installation view of works by (from left to right) Laure Prouvost, Ryan Gander, and Rebecca Horn
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    Installation view of Lindsay Seers' "Entangled² (Theatre II)" (2013)
    Polystyrene spheres, HD projection, curtain, carpet, sound

Opening reception: Thursday 12 July 2018, 18:00 to 21:00.

Fleeting Exits is a group exhibition that brings together works that draw on notions of gender, escape, and liberation. Spanning from theatrical installation to robotic sculptures, these works transform into a microcosm of poetic biographies pushing the spectator to expand their understanding of identity.

Lindsay Seers’ Entangled² (Theatre II) (2013) is a film projected onto a pair of oversized eyeballs in an enclosed theatrical space draped in red upholstery. In this microcosm, an intriguing impersonator narrates stories in a vaudeville-style setting.

Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost’s Metal Woman, Welcome Deep Travel Ink. NYC (2018) is a humanoid robotic sculpture that addresses the viewer with an uncanny, tranquil female voice. She offers the possibility of escape through a “Deep Travel” agency.

Rebecca Horn’s kinetic sculpture Mr. and Mrs. Brown (1990) also hints at the irony of repetition: a pair of metal legs is on an endless and pointless walk while tethered to a wall. Two metal rods with shoe trees, in lieu of legs and feet, tramp in place in a jerky movement with a mechanical whirring sound.

Ryan Gander’s sculpture Forces Outside of You (Because you cede your life decisions and consequences to forces outside of you) (2017) consists of a short flight of stairs leading to a large luminous door which suggests a grand entry into somewhere else.


About the curator

Marwan T. Assaf is a collector and art researcher based in Beirut. He received an MA in Contemporary Art from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London in 2006.


Exhibition guide

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