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    The Sursock Museum façade after temporarily weatherproofing the buliding
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    Paper restorer Caroline Gelot works on the restoration of Georges Daoud Corm's portrait of Marie Bekhyt Corm. Gelot's mission was supported by ALIPH and coordinated by INP.
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    The paintings' dusting campaign has benefited from the support of the Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA) and its talented restoration team
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    Restorer Kerstin Khalifé dusting artworks. The dusting campaign has benefited from the support of the Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA) and its talented restoration team.
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    The dusting of the library books was possible thanks to volunteers from the Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management program at Balamand. Blue Shield and Biladi provided us with the necessary equipment.
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    Archivist Rowina BouHarb dusting Laure Ghorayeb's tryptich “Beyrouth appelle les générations futures"
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    Anne Grillo, French Ambassador to Lebanon, visiting the Museum’s spaces and facilities with the Museum director Zeina Arida. Here, they are viewing Kees van Dongen's portrait of Nicolas Sursock.
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    Anne Grillo, French Ambassador to Lebanon, visiting the Museum’s spaces and facilities with the Museum director Zeina Arida. Here, they are viewing Philippe Mourani's portrait of Nicolas Sursock.
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    Reception of the stained glass at Maya Husseini's studio

We’re overwhelmed by the incredible solidarity we received following the Beirut port explosion, and are grateful to all those who have supported the Museum so far, whether through checking in; asking about us; volunteering; or donating. We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who helped us in myriad ways.

Situated a mere 800 meters from the explosion site, the Sursock Museum was severely impacted. The reconstruction works needed to restore the Museum to its original state are estimated at 3 million USD.

With your help, we have raised a total o1,503,497.05 USD; of which 1,324,353.79 come from grants, institutions, and fundraisers; 139,143.26 USD from individual donations; and 40,000 USD from corporations. This is a great steppingstone to recovery, for which we are immensely grateful.

The International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH) has granted us 500,000 USD to fully weatherproof the building.

The French Ministry of Culture is supporting the restoration of the Museum’s colorful stained glass, as well as its historic first floor, including the Salon arabe. This support amounts to 500,000 Euros.

The Goethe-Institut gave us a grant of 10,000 USD to purchase rehousing and conservation material for our archive.

Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al-Khalifa, President of the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, has raised 98,231 USD for the benefit of the Museum on behalf of the Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage, among other entities.

We still have a long way to go. Please consider making a donation online or via direct transfer here.


Our supporters

International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH)
French Ministry of Culture
Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC

Institutional donors
Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage
Association pour le design et l'art
Make Your Mark

Corporate donors

ArtScoops / Nada Boulos Auction
Abraham Karabajakian collection / Artenuovo collection

In-kind donations
Beirut Museum of Art (BeMA)
Blue Shield
Institut national du patrimoine
Mind the gap
Pierre Dammous & Partners

Individual donors
Samar Abdo Abou Zeid • Joanna Abousleiman • Toufic and Micheline Amyuni • Robert B. and Dominique A. Anderson • Nicolas Appelt • Lili Arbogast • Dalia Atallah • Katarzyna Bak • Nadim Basna • Tarek Bazzi • Benmamar • Lynne Bibi • Gilles and Annick Biscos • Mikkel Bogh • Eva Boisrond • Glenn Bowman • Antonio V. Caballero • Michael Challita • Marc Chelala • Firas Chelala and Tala Njeim • Pam Chiang • Hala Choucair • Allison Meredith Crump • Pascale M. Dahrouge • Rola Dally • Mr. and Mrs. Daumont • A. Durant Des Aulnois • Jeffrey A. Duricko • Nathalie Estelli • Lina Fares • Nicolas Al Ferzly • Dominique and Leo Faust • Regina Gandour-Edwards • Rima Ghanem • Rabia A. Gregory • Jaqueline Griffin • Michaël Goris • Jean-Max Guieu • Jacqueline F. and O. Bruce Gupton • Ranwa Haddad • Habib Haddad • Karine Hajje • Zicky Hammud • Mona Hatoum • Joy Hecht • André Hinterman • Mourits G. P. M. C.J. Jaeger • Isabel Joly • Richard R. K. Jones • Anders Jørstad • Abdallah Kabbani • Abraham Karabajakian and Artenuovo collectionCyril Karaoglan • Kay • Mikhael Kayrouz • Joelle Kharrat • Tania Khoury • Linda Koreska • Maximilian Kraus • Annette M. La Velle • Susan G. Lang • Maryvonne G. Laparliere • Mischa Lentz • Ori Livneh • Youssef Mahfoud • Magda Malkoun • B. McBride • Christine McKinnon • Omar Medawar • Tarek Naffah • Marie-Rose Najjar • Aaron D. Nesser • Marie Joe Noon • Jose Nuno-Garcia • J Ridgely Porter III Oakley • Ravi Anil Patel • Marc Petzoldt • Falque Pierrotin • Louis Quail • Marcel Rached • Dominique Ritley • Natalia Robalino • Naila Saade • Christine Safa • Andre de Rafelis Saint-Sauveur • Roula Sammakieh • Noor Semaan • Tareef Shawa • Clayton Shedd • Joel Silverman • Andre E. Soltner • Timothy B Stanley • J. F. Thibault • Ullstein Buchverlage GMBH • Pierre and Nadia Valla • Hrag Vartanian • Catherine Hermary Vieille • Markus Wagner • Mark and Jasmine Warren • N. G. H. Weijenberg • Kurt and May Werren • Elisabeth P. Work • Caroline Zaccar • donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Artist donors*
Gregory Buchakjian • Christine Safa • Magda Malkoun • Hale Tenger • Post Industrial Crafts.

*The support we’ve received from artists has been heartwarming and overwhelming. We may have missed some artists’ initiatives not mentioned here; we apologize if we have. If you have donated your work to the benefit of the Museum or other cultural institutions, please make sure you inform us by sending an email to info@sursock.museum

People who supported the Museum through the purchase of an artwork gifted by Hale Tenger
Guher Abaci • Nada Abu Fadel • Tarik Bayazit • Melis Behlil • Ibrahim Hakan Borcene • Oya Türkmen Delahaye • Omer Dinckok • D. Dusenkalkar • Mai Eldib • Cetin Erbes • Sidika Hale Erdemci • Selin Gulcelik • Oksan Gulec • Ahmet Hüsnü Güreli • Feza Güvenal • Hatice Canan Pak Imregun • Azmi Karaveli • Eda Kehale • Verda Alaton Le Drian • Omar Walid Medawar • Karla Medini • Fuat Miskavi • Yasemin Ors • Christian Oxenius • E. L. Ozen • Leyla Pekin • Kemal Servi • Malkoc Sualp • Erol A. Taranto • Mustafa Zeki Terzioglu • Ayse Umur.

Tanios Abou Khalil • Amale Abou Zour • Rosana Abou Zour • Samer Abou Zour • Zeina Abou Zour • Ziad Abou Zour • Nathan Azar • Lila Bajjaly • Patil Balian • Zeina Bailoun • Hadi Bou Chebel • Renee Chehade • David Chlela • Alexandre Chidiac • Rhéa Dagher • Lina Fakhoury • Ahmad Haidar • Anna Kikano • Joelle Kosremelli • Omar Maalouf • Helene Malhame • Pia Mansour • Jessica Merjaneh • Ella Morand • Adam Mrouwe • Gilbert Nicolas • Carolina Ortiz Jerez • Fleur Peterson • Monique Rizkallah Chebli • Yana Samarani • Mariam Tabet • Camille Tyan • Henri Tyan • Chloé Zlotnik.

ALIPH grants the Sursock Museum 500,000 USD to weatherproof the building
Within the framework of its Action Plan for Beirut's heritage, the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH) granted the Sursock Museum a total of 500,000 USD dedicated to the stabilization and waterproofing of the Museum. This initiative took place in collaboration with the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture (AFAC), and as an extension of the mission carried out by the International Council of Museums (ICOM).


French Ministry of Culture supports the reconstruction of the Museum's historic first floor
The French Ministry of Culture and the Sursock Museum have signed an agreement to support and fund the restoration of the Museum’s colorful stained glass, as well as its historic first floor, including the Salon arabe. We are deeply thankful for this generous initiative, which significantly supports the Museum’s reconstruction and restoration efforts.


Goethe-Institut gives support to acquire rehousing material
In the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion, the Goethe-Institut set up a fund to support cultural institutions that were impacted by the blast. The Sursock Museum, ​one of the beneficiaries of the grant, will use the received fund of 10,000 USD to acquire specialized equipment, as well as rehousing and preservation material, which are not available in Lebanon.


Abraham Karabajakian; Artenuovo collection; Artscoops; and Nada Boulos Auction team up to support the Sursock Museum
In September 2020, ArtScoops and Nada Boulos Auction held an online auction of works from Abraham Karabajakian's collection and the Artenuovo collection, featuring modern and contemporary artists. 7% of the hammer price of each lot, donated by both the sellers and the auction house, was dedicated to the reconstruction of the Sursock Museum.


In November 2020, Christie’s held a charity auction under the title "We Are All Beirut" to help the Lebanese capital rebuild its cultural scene following the devastating port explosion of 4 August 2020. The proceeds of the auction were entrusted to the Arab Funds for Arts and Culture (AFAC) to support the rebuilding of the art community in Beirut, and were subsequently redistributed to institutions that were impacted by the explosion, including the Sursock Museum.


Beirut of Museum Art (BeMA) supports the collection's dusting campaign
The dusting of all the artworks that were on display at the time of the explosion, as well as the works that were in the storage, was headed by conservator Kerstin Khalife. This campaign was made possible thanks to the generous support of BeMA and its talented restoration team. The dusting of all the artworks in the collection was completed in October 2020.


Volunteers support books’ and archive's dusting campaign
We’re deeply thankful for the volunteering graduates of the Master’s program in Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage Management at the University of Balamand, who worked tirelessly to dust the library books and archive. Their involvement was facilitated by the program director Nadine Panayot, for whom we are grateful. We also extend our gratitude to Blue Shield and Biladi for providing us with the specialized tools and equipment that are instrumental for this campaign. The dusting campaign of the books and archive was led by our archivist Rowina BouHarb.


ALIPH and INP support restoration of paper-based works
A total of 26 works on paper were damaged following the explosion. A graduate of the Institut national du patromoine (INP), conservator Caroline Gelot worked at the Museum’s restoration workshop to restore part of the damaged paper-based works, many of which present tears, creases, or abrasions. Caroline’s mission was generously supported by ALIPH and coordinated by INP.


INP donates conservation material to the Museum
In a generous gesture, INP donated crucial conservation and rehousing material, including conservation boxes, cotton gloves, brushes, latex sponges, and vacuum cleaners. We’re very thankful for this donation, which will help us move forward with our dusting campaign, and rehouse archival material.


CANVAS supports the Sursock Museum's outreach efforts
Following the Beirut port explosion, CANVAS lent a helping hand to the Sursock Museum by publishing a full-page call for donations in each of their issues. This generous gesture helped to increase the Museum's audience reach and sensitized the magazine's readership to the tremendous ordeal facing cultural institutions in Beirut after the explosion.


Mind the gap offers the Sursock Museum their expertise 
Mind the gap has been the Sursock Museum’s design and communication agency since 2011. Their support following the Beirut port explosion has been heart-warming. By offering their know-how and consultancy, Mind the gap is helping us to reach a wider audience.


Mitsulift supports the Sursock Museum
Following the Beirut port explosion, the Museum’s visitor elevators, as well as the service lift, primarily used to transport artworks, were badly damaged. Mitsulift will support the Sursock Museum’s reconstruction efforts through an in-kind donation.


Pierre Dammous & Partners contribute to the rebuilding of the Sursock Museum
The Sursock Museum is benefiting immensely from the consulting expertise of Pierre Dammous & Partners. We're deeply grateful for the know-how of their electromechanical consultants, who are providing critical and crucial input to the reconstruction of the Museum.


Saint-Gobain donates stained glass for the restoration of the façade; in addition to construction material
Saint-Gobain provided much needed support to the Museum through the donation of the stained glass needed in order to restore the Museum's colorful façade. In addition, they donated construction material, which will help us replace the collapsed and damaged gypsum ceilings and walls throughout the building.


Warde upholsters Salon arabe cushions
Thanks to Warde’s support, we were able to upholster the cushions in the Salon arabe.