Statement on open strike in the cultural sector in Lebanon

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Statement on open strike in the cultural sector in Lebanon

Statement on open strike in the cultural sector in Lebanon

In solidarity with and participation in the popular uprisings taking place across Lebanon against the current systems of power, we the undersigned cultural organizations and structures collectively commit to Open Strike, and call for our colleagues in the cultural sector to join us.

Arts and Culture are an integral part of every society, and the expanded space of creative and critical thought is imperative in times of upheaval. The strike is therefore not a withdrawal of the arts and culture from this moment, but rather a suspension of “business as usual.” In this period, we will maintain minimum necessary administrative and basic operations, with team-members who are willingly fulfilling our respective responsibilities. The strike is also in response to the desires of team members to be on the street, a desire we are legally and ethically bound to.

While on strike, we are connecting with colleagues across sectors and groups to formulate together what we can contribute to the movement. We are part of a national, regional and global desire to dream, think, fight for, enact and embody radical imaginations leading to structural and systemic change. See you on the streets.

October 25, 2019



Arab Image Foundation

The Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - AFAC

Beirut Art Center

Sursock Museum

UMAM Documentation & Research

House of Today

TAP/ Temporary Art Platform

Beirut DC

Dar El-Nimer for Arts and Culture

The Hangar

MACAM - Modern And Contemporary Art Museum

Culture Resource (Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy)

Metropolis Art Cinema


Ashkal Alwan

Shams: The Cultural Cooperative Association for Youth in Theatre and Cinema

Ettijahat-Independent Culture


Beirut Art Residency